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Create a FREE Account

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Easy as Copy & Paste

Access your GlobalLink GO Dashboard and copy the provided JavaScript line. Paste it into your website's <head> section.

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See Your Translated Website

With JavaScript in place, refresh your site to see the language selector. Choose from 40 language pairs and watch your content transform instantly.

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about globallink go

Website Translation For All

We believe that all businesses should have access to beautifully translated websites, regardless of their budget. Our mission is to make website translation easy, accessible, and effective for everyone.

As part of TransPerfect, the world's largest provider of translation-related technology and services, we leverage our decades of expertise to help clients reach new global markets.

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editing suite

A Powerful, Intuitive Set Of Editing Tools

Built for convenience, flexibility, and collaboration

Searching global translation memory

global translation

Global Translation Memory to easily track and translate high-value keywords and terms

Ensure consistency across translations

Save time and effort

Improve overall translation quality

Global Translation Memory streamlines the translation process by storing and reusing previously translated content, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all languages.

Managing brand across pages

management tools

Brand management tools for easy enforcement of style guides and branded terms across pages

Maintain brand voice and tone

Enforce style guide compliance

Ensure consistent brand messaging

Brand management tools help you maintain a consistent brand image across all translated content by effortlessly enforcing style guides and branded terms.

In-context editing software

contextual editor

Editor for true in-context viewing

See translations in real-time

Make edits directly on page

Ensure translations fit seamlessly

The contextual editor allows you to view and edit translations directly within your website's context, ensuring that they fit perfectly with your design.

Team collaborating together

collaboration made easy

Collaborate with translators, marketing team, and web developers in one location

Streamline communication and feedback

Reduce turnaround times

Improve overall project efficiency

Our collaboration tools bring together translators, marketers, and developers in one centralized location, fostering effective communication and faster project completion.

our solutions

Your complete translation and localization toolkit

Tailored solutions to meet your unique translation and localization needs.

Translation and Localization Technology

Harness cutting-edge translation and localization technology to expand your global reach and improve content quality. Streamline workflows for effective international communication.

Improved accuracy and efficiency

Enhanced quality and consistency

Streamlined workflows and collaboration

Team problem solving together


Why Choose GlobalLink GO?

Launch in minutes and experience the simplicity and power of GlobalLink GO’s industry-leading website translation platform.

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No-Code Simplicity

Launch your multilingual website in minutes, not weeks, with our user-friendly, no-code platform. Save time, money, and resources by bypassing the need for IT or developer involvement.

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Unlimited Langages

Connect with customers worldwide by offering as many languages as you need, regardless of your subscription tier. Our transparent pricing model ensures you only pay for the translations you use, keeping your costs under control.

functionality icon

Full Functionality

Access the full power of GlobalLink Go at every subscription tier, without limitations. Enjoy all features and capabilities while only paying for the translations you require, giving you unmatched flexibility and value.

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Intuitive In-Context Editor

Fine-tune your translations effortlessly with our intuitive In-Context Editor. Ensure brand consistency and accuracy across all languages by storing and reusing your customized translations directly on your website.

automatic-translation icon

Automated Content Translation

Keep your multilingual website current with our advanced automated content translation. New content is continuously detected and translated, providing an optimal user experience for your global audience.

data-chart icon

Actionable Data-Driven Metrics

Make informed decisions to optimize your multilingual strategy and boost localization ROI with our powerful analytics suite. Gain valuable insights into your global site traffic and user behavior.


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Five stars4.5 Out Of 5 Based On 50+ Happy Users Reviews

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Five stars4.5 Out Of 5 Based On 50+ Happy Users Reviews

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Boost your international sales and drive global business growth

Engage multilingual audiences and enhance customer experience across borders

Streamline website localization with powerful, user-friendly translation tools

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The focus on customer experience & flexibility to meet customers needs. Customization of the tools & processes.


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