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Powerful editing capabilities

Editing Suite

Whether you’re editing a few words here and there or optimizing your translations for SEO purposes, GlobalLink Go’s Editing Suite is the most powerful and easy to use in-context editor on the market today! Try it today and see for yourself.

Showcase of the Editing Suite's in-context editing

True In-Context Editing

We created GlobalLink Go because we believe that all businesses great and small should have a beautifully translated website, even if they don't have the budget for designers, developers, or even translators!

Built in rich text editing and formatting

Rich Text Editing

Add formatting and emphasis to your text without learning any html. Select common symbols right from our menu without having to memorize keystrokes.

Consistent localization with the use of tokens or placeholders


Apply tokens and placeholders across languages to avoid repetitive translation review and ensure consistent localization throughout your project.

Set translation rules across languages


Set both translate and no translate rules to your copy, so your translations are clear and your branding is consistent across languages.

Use advanced search to find a translation in-context to the website's content

Advanced Search and Filter

Worried about how a particular word or phrase appears across languages? Advanced search and filter will show you how they look everywhere on your site.

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